dimecres, 30 de gener de 2008

registration list updated

new registrations have been added almost daily to the registration list, see bottom right. january 31st (this posting date) is the last day to get reduced inscription fee.

divendres, 25 de gener de 2008

first registration list published

see page bottom right. updated (almost) daily.

hostel getting full / casi sin sitio en albergue

The hostel has told us they are willing to use the beds we have reserved. So by January 31st, we will release the beds that have not been assigned.

El albergue nos dice quieren usar las camas que hemos reservado. Asi que para el 31 de enero, liberaremos las que no tengamos claro que se van a usar.

dilluns, 21 de gener de 2008


Gracias a 3 jugadores de ... Madrid! Gonzalo Higuera Diaz, por revisar los errores de las paginas, y a Araceli Checa y Antonio Egea por el feedback. Un saludo.

Thanks to 3 players from Madrid for helping out!

divendres, 18 de gener de 2008

registration confirmation / confirmacio inscripcio

Confirmation emails for players who have registered before Friday, January 18 2008 have been sent. So if you registered and you have not received your confirmation email please send us an email! Your registration may have been lost or mixed up with spam.

S'han enviat emails de confirmacio pels jugadors que s'han inscrit abans del divendres 18 de gener 2008. Si t'havies inscrit i no has rebut el teu email de confirmacio, sisplau, envia'ns un email. Potser la teva inscripcio s'ha perdut o barrejat amb l'spam.

Se han enviado emails de confirmacion a los jugadores que se han inscrito antes del viernes 18 de enero 2008. Si te habias inscrito y no has recibido tu email, por favor, enviamos un email. Quizas tu inscripcion se ha perdido o mezclado con el spam.

dilluns, 14 de gener de 2008

error numero compte / cuenta

hi havia un error al numero de compte per fer l'ingres, nomes a la versio catalana de la web. ara ja esta arreglat. disculpeu les molesties si ja havieu fet l'ingres.

habia un error en el numero de cuenta, solo en la version catalana de la web. ara ya esta corregido, disculpad las molestias si ya habiais hecho el ingreso.

diumenge, 13 de gener de 2008

about payments and accomodation policy

Forget about this post if you don't care about this. Some people have commented that the tournament payment and hostel accomodation policy is a bit confusing. We can somehow agree, but let us explain the rationale behind it.

Basically, there are 3 cases :

  1. people living in Spain : must pay 20 euros in advance via bank transfer. This money is used to guarantee their hostel reservation, in case they wish to stay there.
  2. people living outside Spain, not staying at the hostel : do not pay nor have to do anything else. They are expected to notify in case of cancellation.
  3. people living outside Spain, staying at the hostel : must provide their credit card number to the hostel, and will pay at check-in. The hostel will not charge anything to the credit card unless they do not show up when expected.
why all this?
  • a) we need people to confirm their registration and to enforce it, since tournament attendance is large and difficult to manage. We can not handle special cases, it is already too much work.
  • b) we do not want to annoy people asking them to make 2 bank transfers (1 for tournament + 1 for hostel), 1 should be enough
  • c) we do not want to take monetary risks in case of hostel no-show : we would have to pay 1 night if a cancellation happens.
  • d) bank transfers inside Spain are cheap or non-existent, from other countries are more expensive
  • e) our club is not set to receive payments with credit card
Also, some people have complained about the hostel asking for sending a credit card number without secured methods. Well, we can understand your concerns, but if this is really important for you, you have the choice of making a secure bank transfer of 20 euros to the tournament organization bank account, and therefore pay for the transfer costs that we wanted you to avoid. Then you are secure, and we are secure.

Thanks for your understanding.

dissabte, 5 de gener de 2008

web page information is final

Updated the accomodation information and reduced some registration fees.

S'ha actualitzat la informació d'allotjament i s'han reduit algunes tarifes d'inscripció.